Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grasshoppers, Plural

On my long list of New Year resolutions, I'm positive I remember seeing something about my blog. It was either "blog more" or "blog less". But it was there, I'm sure of it.

Maybe it was "move blog to Wordpress" or "shut down blog then start new blog with radically different theme and writing style". I just don't remember specifically.

I would refer to my resolution list, but it never really made it from the concept phase onto paper. To be honest, I spent the better part of the past month hopped up on rum balls.

But as the sugary fog slowly lifts and my head starts to clear, I'm starting to remember what's what in my life.

I thought the only way I could top Christmas 2010 was to spend Christmas 2011 at the North Pole. It turns out I only had to go halfway there and spend Christmas with my five-year-old nephew in Wisconsin. Nothing puts the holiday in perspective like reliving the pure excitement and joy of a child on Christmas Eve.

And I learned nothing helps one tolerate the pure excitement and joy of a child on Christmas Eve like a blender full of Grasshoppers.

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