Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Million

I wrote a few months ago about my fancy, high-tech pedometer (Step by Step). I purchased my FitBit early last April. JB usually gives me ojo when I spend money on gadgets, but in this case he liked the idea so much we got him his own FitBit a week later.

In general, the goal is to accumulate 10,000 steps each day. I find this goal lofty, while JB attains it regularly. I tease him that it's not a fair contest when his stubby little legs have to work twice as much to cover the same distance. It's like when you see someone jogging with their dachshund.

And I joke about what I call his "Mexican swagger". This is where, for every two steps his feet take, his hips take three.

I'm sure these are both factors, but the fact of the matter is that JB is simply more active than I am.

This is impressive considering how two years ago he was barely walking at all. In January 2010, JB was still slowly recovering slowly from a hip replacement performed the previous October. Too slowly, it turned out. At the time we had no idea he was in store another surgery the following March to revise the implant. But since then there's been no stopping him.

A lot of the difference between his activity level and mine has to do with the difference in the nature of our jobs. I sit at a desk all day while JB is on his feet, crossing airports and pacing the cabins of passenger jets.

I'm amazed how JB logs more steps going from Atlanta to San Francisco than I'll get all day. That's just during the flight, it doesn't counting the walking he does before and after. When the weather is nice and he has time during his layover to explore the city, there's no hope of ever catching up. Twice last week he logged over 22,000 daily steps.

This weekend I passed a milestone, of sorts. I hit one million steps wearing my FitBit. While that might sound impressive, it's really not. It works out to an average of about 3,500 daily steps. Now I'm sure this a little low considering I haven't worn my FitBit every single day. And I'm guessing there's been two or three lost weeks where my FitBit was misplaced, not including the time I washed my little buddy and had to buy a replacement.

I checked JB's stats. He's owned his FitBit a week less than I have, and is closing in on two million steps.

For 2012, it's obvious I need to increase my activity level.