Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Party Of The Year

"You're leaving already? But you only just got here! Aw, that's too bad, but I understand. Did you have a nice time? I'm glad. For sure next time we'll just hang out, you and me. Spend some quality time, okay? You take care of yourself, now. See you next year!"

Pac waves goodbye to January, closes the door and mutters under his breath. "Frigid, two-faced bitch." He didn't realize February was standing right there. February giggles.

Slightly embarrassed, Pac takes February's coat. "Sorry about that, but January gets on my nerves. She always insists on making a grand entrance, but once she's here she does nothing but bitch. I'm too fat, I'm so out of shape, I spent way too much money on December... She's all talk and no follow-through. Frankly, it's exhausting."

February nods with apparent understanding, easing Pac's guilt about getting caught being a catty host. He leads his guest to the bar while making small talk.

"So what'd she talk you into? Running a marathon? That cabbage soup diet? Yoga classes? P-90X?"

Rolling her eyes, February says, "What do you think?"

Pac pauses in mid-pour. "Not Lent again... Oh, Feb, seriously?" 

February shrugs in resignation. "It could be worse." She tilts her head over her shoulder toward March, who's sitting on the sofa obliviously chatting up June. "I could be that poor bastard."

Pac and February burst out laughing before realizing the entire year is looking at them.

"I've got a few weeks, " February slaps the bar top. "Make it a double."


  1. January isn't so bad since December hates me. But alas... I'm done and ready to move on to someone new.

    great post!