Friday, February 24, 2012

Cat Fat

It's no secret that I love gadgets. But there's one gadget in the house that has me conflicted.

I wrote last year about getting a Withings Internet-enabled scale. (Pac Fat) I love its sleek black glass design, and I love its balance of elegant simplicity and advanced functionality. No turning it on, no buttons to press. Just step on, get your results and put your underpants back on.

It can even keep track of multiple users; recognizing each of them automatically based on his weight. In cases where two users' weights come close enough to cause confusion, the scale asks the user to identify himself by shifting his weight toward the side displaying his name. And if the scale can't assign the weight to any configured user, it sends you an alert. Every effort is made to ensure the results get accurately updated to the correct user's profile.

A complete history of those results is instantly available using the accompanying iPhone app. And if you happen to have an iPad, the pathos of your obesity struggle really pops.

And this is where the "hate" part of my love/hate relationship comes in. I've been actively avoiding the scale since the holidays. Which isn't as easy to do as it sounds when said scale is connected to the Internet.

But seeing as both JB and I are starting a new diet plan for Lent, ignoring the scale is no longer an option. Yesterday JB called me at work with a tone of concern. It seems he went to weigh himself and when he stepped on, the scale was wet. And it smelled funny.

Now things started making sense. I'd been wondering about those anomalous unassigned readings that have been popping up on my app lately. It turns out the Fat Cat has been using my expensive scale. But not to watch his figure, unfortunately.

I'm not sure if both cats are weighing themselves or
if the earlier reading was just Fat Aggie's hind end.

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