Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pac Loops

My weekday morning routine is to wake up at or before 6:30, pick up the iPad from my nightstand and walk into the Kitchen. As the coffee maker is warming up, I stuff a thyroid pill into a fishy-smelling treat and give it to my fat cat, Aggie. But first I launch my KCRW app to listen to NPR Morning Edition.

Using my iPad as a tray, I carry my coffee and breakfast to the den, sit down at the computer to read news and blogs and, if I'm feeling ambitious, write a post of my own.

For the second morning in a row, I puzzled over the unusual surge in my blog traffic. I briefly made mention of it yesterday. Most of this traffic seems to be coming from google searches originating in Pakistan.

At the very moment I was pondering this mystery, I was surprised to get the answer from my NPR audio stream: Guns And Androids: Pakistan Air Force Making iPads.

And the name of this new iPad clone? You guessed it. The PACPAD 1.

Evidently, the Pakistan Air Force (Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, or "PAC") has interests that go well beyond simple air-forcing. Along with cheap iPad knock-offs, it also makes breakfast cereal.

StevieB wins the prize for the closest guess. Keep an eye on your mailbox Stevie,
a year's supply of PAC-Loops is on its way. Yes, they taste like crap, but there's a
prize in every box. That's how I got this Bin Laden decoder ring.


  1. See now my Doctor always tells me to take my Thyroid pill on an empty stomach and no food or drink for at least an hour after. Maybe I should try stuffing them into Fishy smelling treats and I would enjoy them more.

  2. Another one from Pakistan strayed to your Blog while in search of PAC PAD 1 :)

  3. Here comes an other Pakistani. I am in fact looking for some material on PAC Pad for my next article.