Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back On Track

Last night I had to stray from my strict Lenten diet in order to join my ex for dinner at his favorite expensive restaurant to celebrate his birthday.

No, I suppose I didn't have to. But given the choice, I'd rather deal with the Lord's wrath. (I'll defer to the biblical scholars here, but I don't think anyone was ever smote by passive-aggressive guilt trip.)

Filet mignon, steak fries, the best mac & cheese I ever tasted, followed by one of those little chocolate cakes that's still hot and gooey inside. With ice cream of course.

But in a remarkable demonstration of restraint, I passed on the wine and enjoyed an espresso instead. Today, a double workout.

"Don't even think of giving me up, Pac. I make your heart beat,
I can just as easily make it stop. That's right. Now sip me."