Thursday, March 1, 2012

My P90X Perspective

I just passed the one week point on the new diet. I've made some meager attempts since New Years to get back into a running and exercise routine, but seeing the scale starting to move is adding momentum to my efforts.

I find that when I'm limiting myself to a specific number of daily calories and not drinking, I suddenly have lots of free time on my hands. You know what they say, idle hands are the devil's snack bar.

Watching TV is out of the question since it seems every other commercial is for something I can't have. Pizza Hut, KFC, Popeyes, Mercedes, Channing Tatum, etc.

There is one thing I didn't give up for Lent. (Something I tried once when I was sixteen and Lent lasted all of two days.) But my refractory period still provides plenty time that needs to be filled with something. So I've been reading. And this morning I popped in the first P90X disc.

Today's goal.

Today's reality.
I didn't notice before that the paint is flaking off
around that air duct. But if I'm going to paint the
ceiling, I may as well take the opportunity to scrape
off all that ugly popcorn texture too. Wow, that's going
to be a big project. What am I getting myself into?


  1. Home improvement to get out of P90X? You have come up with some unique diversion tactics.

  2. Use a garden sprayer with warm water and wet the heck out of the ceiling, let it soak in, and wet again... then use a long scrapie sort of tool and it peels right off the ceiling. Just keep it damp. Just a word of caution, a lot of ceiling texture compound had asbestos in it 70's and before.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Randy! I scraped the bathroom ceiling a few years ago and for a while I thought I'd permanently screwed up my neck. Your method sounds more reasonable for the larger rooms. I believe my building dates to the 80's so I don't think I've already doomed myself to mesothelioma. But I'll double check on that.