Friday, March 23, 2012

Random Friday

I knew it wouldn't last. Looks like my blog traffic is returning to normal as interest in the Pakistani iPad knock-off dwindles. Note to self: Turn on Google Ads before the PacPad2 comes out.

Speaking of iPads, I've had my new iPad for a week now and I love it. The incredible resolution of the Retina Display makes the new iPad even better for reading. The benefit of 3.1 million pixels is marginal, however, for porn. After all, porn is meant to be a fantasy. If I'm in the mood for HD sex, I'll wake up JB.

For his part, JB is still skeptical that I really needed a new iPad. And he's right. But he can't deny the iPad is something I get a lot of use out of. Of the things that are constantly at my fingertips, the iPad is the best invention since the penis.

It's not every day you get some insight into your family name from a dictionary. Today's Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day is "pippin".
Since the late Middle Ages, English speakers have experimented with the use of the word "pippin," which germinated from the Anglo-French word "pepin," meaning "seed" or "pip of a fruit." ... It has widespread use as the name of a crisp, tart apple and of a person who is unique, usually in a pleasant way.
Well doesn't that make me feel special.

Spring has finally sprung, when the thoughts of trees turns to sex. Just like people sex, tree sex is both beautiful...

... and messy...

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Piippin. Great, now I have "Magic to Do" in my head. Hate you!

    I love when people use "the best invention since...." It's not sliced bread. It's not the penis (is that an invention?). It's not the iPad.

    It is toilet paper. Best. Invention. EVER!

  2. I love the metaphor between spring and sex.

    I remember all that pollen when I lived in ATL. Certainly don't miss that but I'd take some of the warmer weather. After a beautiful week (last week) temps have become down right chilly here this week.

    :-( BosGuy