Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I feel badly for not blogging as much as I should lately. Much of my recent efforts have been focussed on my work. If I had to choose a word to summarize the past month, it would be "challenging". And it still could go either way -- literally -- as I found that, of the two remaining members of my previous supervisor's team, there's only enough in the Q3 budget for one.

But challenge isn't a bad word, not at all. I'm no physiology expert, but it seems there's a reason nearly every muscle in the body has an opposing counterpart. And it's well known that all muscles atrophy without the constant challenge of gravity. We go to the gym to challenge our muscles, we go to school to challenge our minds.

When I had to take Statics and Dynamics in college, I thought at the time these subjects were irrelevant to my major of electrical engineering. I was wrong, of course. Forces acting against each other, directly or obliquely, explain electric currents and magnetic fields as well as they do the mechanical motion of apples, automobiles and planets.

A force unopposed is practically useless. A car without brakes is an obvious example. But even the process of steering involves the application of a corrective force slightly counter to the vehicle's drive and inertia.

Often the word "friction" is used pejoratively in common language. But we wouldn't be able to drive, sit, stand, walk or run without it. Objects would slip from our grasp. Sex would be extremely unsatisfying.

My "challenge" this week is to maintain an awareness of terminology which get used (and sometimes misused) in a business sense to not form judgments but keep my mind open to the positive, constructive possibilities behind it.

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  1. You are a great guy and up to the challenge. I've got my fingers --err-- fingahs crossed for you.