Monday, August 27, 2012

Testing My Patience

It's been a long couple of weeks at work which has disrupted my routine a bit. I write software and I used to think that if I did all the right things during the development phase, my life would be easier after handing my code off to the quality assurance team.

Now I know it makes no difference. At least 90% of the defects assigned to me by QA have nothing to do with whether or not the code is working correctly, but instead are due to the test environment not properly matching the test cases.

I spend much more time and effort during testing handling all these defects which basically results in my helping QA set up their test environment. I'm not complaining about doing my job. More like complaining about doing someone else's job. If QA relies on the developer to facilitate the testing of his own work, it defeats the purpose of having QA.

I'm passive-agressively venting as a means of explaining why I haven't posted lately. Sorry about that. Which reminds me... I haven't visited one of my favorite blogs in a while,

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