Friday, September 7, 2012


So the Democratic National Convention caved to Fox News pressure and amended their platform to include the word "God". The amendment also sought to assuage another right-wing insecurity by adding wording that reaffirmed Jerusalem to be the capital city of Israel.

Downtown Gay
Fortunately that was the only capital city affirmed in the platform, keeping hope alive in my ongoing campaign to move the state capital from Kalamazoo to Gay, Michigan.

I know what you're thinking, but there really is a town in Michigan called "Kalamazoo". I've been there. And just like Gay, I'm pretty sure I'm the only actual gay person to have ever visited.

The televised yea/nay vote on the amendment was simultaneously embarrassing and hilarious. Watching it, I've never felt better about not being the mayor of Los Angeles. Needing a 2/3 majority, it sounded to me like the "nays" predominated. Villaraigosa repeated the vote three times before finally just steam-rolling its passage, displeasing the naysayers in the sparse crowd.

While it looked like a total subversion of the democratic process, it was really more a justifiable deviation from Robert's Rules of Order to make Republicans happy. Totally worth it, right?

What? Is there no pleasing these people? Now lets zoom out of that carefully cropped picture and notice the signs.

I have a feeling it wasn't the "God" part of the amendment these folks were booing about.

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