Friday, September 28, 2012

Vacation Wrap-up

I'm technically still on vacation until Monday, but we returned home Wednesday evening. I started to come down with a cold Monday, but it didn't really bother me too much until we landed in Atlanta and I thought my head might implode.

God bless JB for risking getting listed as a potential mexican meth cartel mastermind by picking me up some behind-the-counter Claritin D. I'm still not sure if it was in time to save my left eardrum, but I'm feeling much better.

Oktoberfest was a blast! After spending Saturday and Sunday in the tents at the Theresienwiese, we boarded a train on Monday to finish our vacation in Klosters, Switzerland.

I'll post more pics and details later. But for now, if you'd like to get a hint of what it's like to be in a tent full of thousands of beer-drinking, leather-wearing gays, click on the pic below.

Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gem├╝tlichkeit...


  1. From that pic, it looks like a fine time was had. And you lived to tell about it!

  2. I'm waiting for pics in your gayderhosen! :-)