Thursday, October 18, 2012


Atlanta celebrated it's annual Pride festival this past weekend. This is the third year since Pride was moved from late June to early October, a decision I celebrate every year. Not only is the weather so much more accommodating, but it better distributes the fun throughout the year. If there ever comes a year I really want to get my pride on, I can hit some other city's Pride in June while still looking forward to ours in the Fall.

An added benefit is that my post-Pride depression is mitigated by the ramp-up into Halloween. And as some anti-gay windbag recently pointed out, we gays do love our Halloween.

Peer shame prevented me from getting my funnel cake this year. :(

The weather was perfect for Pride. Autumn is my favorite season in the South anyway. Even though we don't get quite the brilliant foliage before the leaves fall, the period of classically mild Fall weather seems to extend much longer than it does up north. In Upper Michigan I remember Autumn more as an urgent wake-up call to get your affairs in order for Winter.

Down here the oppressively humid heat and haze give way to week after week of comfortable days in the low-to-mid 70s with crystal-clear blue skies. And the nights turn cool and crisp, a feeling I miss from my days up north. As much as I say I'm acclimated to the weather down here, I still can't get used to the warm, humid Summer nights.

Saturday... In the park... My boyfriend caught me checking out guys.

Maybe it's the weather and the fact that Pride no longer competes with a clump of other Summer festivals, or maybe it's just a sign of greater acceptance, but I noticed especially this year that Pride seems more mainstream. The park was filled with the usual diverse LGBT crowd, but mixed in were plenty of straight people. Straight friends and neighbors, families pushing strollers and/or carrying toddlers on their shoulders, and couples holding hands. (Ladies, if you ever want your man to display his affection more in public, take him someplace gay.)

I love that.

The celebration at Blake's spilled out into the parking lot.

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