Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Wow. I can't stop watching this Expedia commercial. Stunningly beautiful and so emotionally heartfelt, there's no way these could be actors. If they are, they deserve some sort of acting award.

It really brings home for me what the fight for marriage equality is all about. This is how the world changes. One personal relationship at a time.

Just have a kleenex handy. Watching this had me in tears in my cubicle to the point my boss asked if I was okay. Since I had a cold anyway, I played it off as a sniffles attack. He sent me home early.

Update: Not professional actors, but not exactly amateur lesbians either. JB immediately recognized Jill and Nikki from a previous season of "The Real L Word".

Yes, it's one of JB's favorite shows. Which just supports my theory that my furry little bear has so much testosterone, it wraps around the other side to become estrogen. He's still fuming at Romi for marrying her ex-boyfriend.

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