Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Slack The Vote

I kicked myself for not taking advantage of early voting when the alarm went off this morning at 5:15am. And at 5:30 as I waited for the coffee to brew and listened to rain drops tapping against the window. And again as I walked to my polling place when the wind turned my umbrella inside out.

JB voted last week. It took him over two hours, but now he was curled up in our warm, dry bed. Where I would be, if only I could get my act together. I was reminded of a story about an ant and a cricket or a grasshopper or some other irresponsible bug.

I'd hate to give credit to the cold, driving rain, but the line outside waiting to vote was mercifully short. Short enough to pack completely beneath a sheltering carport by folding itself into an intricate queue with the organic efficiency of a fingerprint whorl.

Less than fifty minutes after leaving the house I'm back at my computer writing this post, sipping my still-hot coffee and listening to my pants and socks tumble in the dryer. Ants think they're so smart.


  1. Good for you. I wasn't nearly as fortunate and spent about an hour in the cold yesterday.

  2. I was voting in a new place and thankfully timed it correctly. I got there about 20 minutes before the polls opened and was #30 to cast my vote. When I left the line was HUGE