Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Daylight Cravings Time

This is the time of the year I become obsessed with light. And calendars and the relative motion of Earth and the Sun. Logically I know that Spring is coming, but I need more than that. I want tangible evidence.

That's why I was pleased to notice this week that my commute home is becoming more twilighty and less midnighty. The sun today is setting 20 minutes later than when February started, and a full hour later than it did at the Winter Solstice. The daytime to nighttime ratio is rapidly increasing by nearly 2 minutes each day.

The Spring Equinox comes officially a month from today. But Daylight Saving Time starts over a week before that, on March 10th. That's the point I expect my longing for daylight to ease, and my daily visits to will slow to a trickle for another year.

I think I'd probably make a good pagan. I'll have to look into that.


  1. I misunderstood when you wrote that your commute home is more twilighty. I wondered why you were glad to see sparkly vampires and hormonal werewolves running about.

    1. Ha! I almost went there too. Maybe I should have said "dusky"?

  2. You would make an OK Pagan. Come visit me... I'll turn you!