Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nice To See You Stevie B

"Dammit, you weren't supposed to be taller than me," I disappointedly told Stevie B a week ago last Friday.

In a text conversation maybe two years ago, I told Stevie I probably shouldn't make short jokes because, for all I know, he could be a "little person". When he never disputed my half-joking assertion, I mentally prepared myself for the possibility our Stevie might be an adorable nugget.

Adorable, yes. But bite-sized? Sadly not. It turns out we're exactly the same height. But while I was wearing flat-soled shoes, Stevie had on the snazziest pair of hiking boots I ever saw. The boots, of course, came with a story that made me laugh. Not to mention being a much more suitable choice of footwear than my Puma driving shoes for our hike in the Rockies.

The foundation of our friendship has always been humor. Stevie can make me laugh so easily that I'm laughing as I type this. In our text conversations I'll typically express my amusement with a generous sprinkling of LOLs and emoji. But I noticed a long time ago that Stevie doesn't rely on such affectations in his casual writing. Even when we started conversing on the phone by voice, I could tell Stevie wasn't nearly as much of a chuckler, giggler, guffawer or belly-laugher as I am. Not even nervous laughter, something I try (and invariably fail) to suppress.

So I was happily surprised upon meeting him in person to see how much Stevie really does laugh. His laughter is expressed mostly through his eyes and with his smile. I have a theory about people with this quiet type of laughter; that their humor often tends to be droll and observational. They find the humor in a situation without necessarily feeling the need to interject themselves into it. They're far more interested in maintaining the purity of the satire intrinsic to the situation as it naturally reveals itself. Sort of like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle of comedy. Or Jane Goodall observing chimps.

This, of course, will make perfect sense to those who follow his blog. To enjoy Stevie's humor, all one must do is read or listen. While not absolutely necessary, an intermediate-to-advanced grasp of American, British and Japanese pop-culture is highly recommended. And for best results, binge-watch every season of Dynasty on Netflix, even if you saw it in the 80's.

Stevie's laughter, on the other hand, is best enjoyed face to face. Which, if you're close to 5'11", shouldn't require one of you to stand on a phone book, box, chair or table.

This is Stevie B laughing. Which – considering I was purposely
posing him by that sign on a busy pedestrian bridge in dangerous
proximity to high voltage – might have been nervous laughter.


  1. He was a fun loving guy when I met him 2 years ago. Glad it went well.

  2. It is nice to see Stevie B, isn't it? He is easy on the eyes for sure.

  3. Glad to read you guys had a great time. Now you both need to get yer asses up here to Boston.

  4. He was adorable when I met him last summer