Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Whine Cooler

I'm having a run of bad home maintenance luck these past few weeks. I know, it could be worse, especially considering the original HVAC system is nearly my age. And now I fear I've jinxed it.

A while back my dishwasher broke. While at Home Depot shopping for a replacement, I fell in love with a beautiful wine chiller. Stainless steel and tinted black glass with electronic touch controls, I justified it as the design centerpiece around which my kitchen would be remodeled.

Five years later and the appliances are still beige and I'm still hand-washing the dishes. And now, the bottom half of my beautiful chiller ain't chillin.

But unlike my dishwasher, it's considerate enough to give me an error message.

"E4" is appliance for "cough, cough, croak".
Looks like I'll hafta put my tool belt on.


  1. Stand up and drop the shorts now! ;)
    I'm getting an error message with that thing in the way...

  2. Tool belt? why? Is there some kind of dress up circuit party coming to down?

  3. Why you need a fancy schmancy chiller thing? Franzia does just fine in the fridge!