Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shopaphobic, Part 2

"So whatcha end up buyin'?" I'm so glad you asked, BosGuy.

Waiting until after Christmas to shop for clothes is a mixed experience. Sure, there are plenty of mark-downs and clearance sales to save you money, and the malls are less frantic with lots of easy parking.

But there was also a temptation to put it off a month or two. See, I kind of let myself go leading up to the holiday season. It happens to a lot of people, right? So why buy new clothes at a time I'm feeling my dumpiest when I have every intention of getting back on track and doing something about it?

Just as soon as the wave of New Years Resolutioners give up hope and wash back out of the gym. Who wants to deal with those losers, right?

When we got to Macy's I was relieved to see JB was leading me to the mens' jeans section and not the muumuu department. When I selected a pair of dark blue 34" Levis to take to the fitting room, JB handed me the same pair in 36". "Just in case," he said.

I guess that was JB's subtle way of saying my current relaxed fits have been looking a bit tense of late. And he had a point. The 36's fit perfectly. Waist size is just a number, I told myself. Like my age. Only this number doesn't necessarily have increment each year. I will buy these comfortable 36-inch jeans, but only to pose next to them in my "after" pictures by my next birthday. In May.

"Who are you talking to??" JB asked from outside the changing room door.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. I was looking through the photos from my birthday trip to Denver and was struck by how much I resembled my older, heavier brother. This reminded me of the promise I made to myself in that changing room five months ago. I may have missed my deadline, but I resolved to keep the promise.

I'm no longer officially obese as a BMI below 30 puts me
firmly in the "overweight" zone. Yay! At this rate I'll be
buying 34's next Christmas.


  1. Did your annual shopping spree end with just a pair of jeans? I was expecting some serious retail-therapy. LOL

    Congratulations on shedding your pounds. Keep up the good work.