Friday, June 28, 2013

Some Things Never

This morning while going through online message boards from after the last time Chick-fil-a's Dan Cathy spouted off about me and my relationship, I found this powerful story tucked between the usual "Eat somewhere else fags!" and "Stop trying to suppress this Godly man's freedom of speech!" comments from the Chick-fil-a "appreciators".

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to feel sadness that some things never change, or hope that things might change eventually, even if it takes a very long time.

The Cathys are one of those traditional "Old South" families, and that's fine. But no one can pretend that there is any distance between their "personal views" and the company's they own and run, no matter how many press releases Chick-fil-a's PR department type up.

The question is, will they ever join the 21st Century?

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  1. Thank you for this post. The personal view one is tough for me. I try not to stay at Hyatt's bc while the company gets a 100% HRC rating (whatever that really means) but the CEO gives generous amounts to stop marriage equality - and yet gay mags will take their ad money bc of that fucking HRC rating. Target too. Whole Foods too. It's hard to tell where the line is in some of these, but not w CFA. They just outwardly hate. And for fuck's sake - if you're going to hate, then own it. Deleting your tweets is just as cowardly (in some regards) as putting them out there in the first place.

    1. That's an excellent point. Would it really make me happy if Chick-fil-a hired Mary Cheney to manage their gay image like Coors did? While much of my disappointment with CFA stems from knowing some awesome people who work there and what a great company it could potentially be, I have to admit my real problem isn't so much with Dan Cathy. It's with the "appreciators" who are symbolically idolizing Chick-fil-a because of Dan Cathy's religiously anti-gay stance. These people see the tide is against them and will cling desperately to anything that helps keep their narrow-minded worldview afloat.

      I think even CFA the company (at least the smarter ones there) is uncomfortable with this polarization of its public image. But without some sort of board of directors to buffer the company from its owners, they can't have it both ways without coming across as pathetically schizophrenic.