Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Breakfast, Day One

I mentioned a few months ago about my plan to lose a few extra pounds. I've been doing pretty good, but seem to have plateaued in recent weeks. I'm pretty sure I know why. July started with a week-long celebration of JB's birthday, including the coconut cake I made from scratch. An unusually rainy summer has curtailed my running routine. And my work hours have increased as I've been taking on extra job responsibilities.

These are all just lame excuses, and I know it. That's why I'm kicking my diet plan up a notch (down a notch?) starting today.

I've written before about Good Measures Meals, a local meal service which raises money for Project Open Hand, a non-profit community meal delivery service. I've always had good results with Good Measures, and I like that the profits go to a good cause. The food isn't bad and the menu is designed to be nutritionally balanced over the course of the week.

This time I chose to start off with the 1400 calorie/day plan and augment this with a protein shake on workout days. Otherwise I'll be sticking strictly to the plan, which means no alcohol for at least the next month.  (Are you convinced now I'm serious?) I'll see how this goes for two weeks and adjust the plan if necessary.

Such a funny word, schmear.