Monday, July 1, 2013

Tech Support

I should be happy my partner and my ex are such good friends. It makes perfect sense, actually. They're both flight attendants with the same airline. (Trust me, I didn't do that on purpose. It just happens to be a fairly common occupation here in Atlanta.)

So when JB told me last week that Joe invited us to hang out Sunday at his pool, I thought "that's nice". Then I remembered it was Joe. "Wait... what does he need?"

"I don't know, something about not being able to send email from his computer."

I've known Joe for eighteen years. I met him in a club called "Backstreet" one night and by the next morning I was hooking up his video cassette recorder to his television and setting its little flashing clock. Only then did it dawn on me why our small-talk from the night before sounded more like a job interview. "Did you say you're an electrical engineer? That's hot!"

While ordinarily I'd feel no obligation to keep providing free tech support to my ex boyfriend, Joe's job seniority is of great advantage to JB when it comes to swapping trips and bidding for vacation days. So it's not for Joe anymore that I do these things. It's for JB. And nobody understands this better than Joe.

So as the gays frolicked at the pool, I powered on the PC it seemed like just yesterday I helped Joe pick out at Best Buy and then set up for him one weekend while he was away on a trip to Dubai. Man that thing was messed up. Obviously riddled with porn transmitted diseases, I gave up all hope of producing any vitamin D and set to work.

After a while Joe came in to restock the cooler with beer and talked me into taking a break. He's very considerate when he wants to be. Plus the cooler gets heavy when it's full. After a little while at the pool, Joe fired up the grill for burgers and I got back to work. And while Windows 8 was downloading, I installed task lighting under his kitchen cabinets.

Finally, even though I still wasn't close to having Joe's email working, JB said it was time to go home. He was exhausted from all the sun and had to work in the morning. He and Joe are flying to Munich today. So for the next three days I'll have the whole place to myself. Just me and Joe's computer.

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  1. "Did you say you're an electrical engineer? That's hot!" ....said no one ever! (no offense). : )