Friday, September 13, 2013

28 Days To Pride

I know I've been a broken record lately, repeatedly posting my progress as I attempt to lose weight and get back in shape. How do I know? Little things. Like how BosGuy now reflexively comments "Great job!" even on the occasional posts where I do visit another topic.

Don't get me wrong, Bos, I really do appreciate your feedback and support. And that you're still responding to my transparent fishing (fishings? fishes?) for validation just cements my opinion of what a truly nice guy you are. That's why I promise to give it a rest for a while. After this post.

On my birthday trip to Denver last May, I looked at a photo of StevieB sitting next to my brother. What the...? It took a few seconds of cognitive dissonance before realizing that wan't my older, heavier brother in the picture. I recall that being my turning point. Booking a gay cruise not only provided extra motivation, but also a deadline: February 2014.

At the time, February seemed so far away that I decided I needed an intermediate goal. A point midway between June and February. That's how I set Atlanta's Pride celebration as my reality checkpoint. By empirically quantifying the progress that's been made between June and October, I'll have a better idea what I can realistically accomplish by February.

Pride offers the opportunity to expose my shirtlessness to America's experts in healthy, realistic male body image: Atlanta's gays. Based on this feedback, I'll know whether to stay the course or how I need to tweak my plan; either by doubling down on the cardio or locking myself in the bath with tequila, two quarts of Moose Tracks and a can of Spam.

So yes, I admit to being a bit focussed right now. My friends will tell you that. My Twitter and Instagram followers will tell you that. Even JB is getting weary of it; phoning in his back-pats. Oh, he still goes through all the motions of being supportive, but I can tell. The other day I stepped off the scale, crunched the numbers and said, "Dang, I lost 0.3 pounds of lean mass last week."

His response: "Great job!"

You'll need to subtract the weight of my iPhone 4 from this number.
Not an iPhone 4S and certainly not an iPhone 5.
Everyone knows the 4 was the heaviest of all iPhones.


  1. The second biggest obstacle people face once they decide to get healthier is the people around them. After attaining a level of success people stop saying how good you look and start saying you look too thin or don't want to hear about it anymore. You're making them feel fat.

    I may not have left many comments but I have followed your journey and wanted more details (you give very few on the blog). You're inspirational and people forget that blogs are really a personal journal and what is posted is totally up to the blogger.

    Don't hold back! You've worked hard not just to loose the weight and get in shape (the two don't always go together) but to change how you live so that when you reach your goal you'll never have to look back.

  2. you look good at your current weight sir when ic you dropping off recycling. It's important that you feel comfortable in your own skin.

    lmao using the barometer of the Atlanta Circuit Bois who will be busy trying to match the naked chest on grindr to those walking in the park.

  3. While you're doing a great job (fishing expedition a success!), be careful of trying to gain the acceptance of the gays at Pride. Oh, they be ok with your weight and shirtlessness, but you know how they are - if they make fun of your shoes, then you're in a complete other shame spiral. Only you have to be happy with your weight.........and those shoes.

  4. congrats!! I can't remember the last time I saw south of 200....

  5. Don't diminish your progress or belittle your desire to remain committed to your goal. We all struggle with this and as our 20s become more of a distant memory this gets harder.