Monday, September 16, 2013


I admit it, I'm a follow whore. When I first started on Twitter, I always felt compelled to "follow back". It just seemed the polite thing to do. On the few occasions when I did unfollow somebody, it was usually because of some offense they committed.

These days, politeness isn't foremost on my mind when I fire up my Twitterric app. I know I need to do some maintenance and pruning of my list of Twitter follows. Just like I know I need to go through my 200 gigabyte iPhoto library and delete all out-of-focus, duplicate, double chin and naked selfie pics. It's on my to-do list.

If I had to rely on my Twitter timeline, I would have chopped the list a long time ago. But early on I discovered Twitter's private lists. At first I used lists for organizing and categorizing the people I follow, but it soon became clear that was way too clerically anal, even for me. One list quickly became my favorite and it's now my default timeline. I call it "BearBuds".

Since BearBuds is really just my list of favorite people, one does not necessarily need to be a bear to be on it. But unlike who I choose to follow, I'm very selective of who goes into my favorite list. Only 6.6% of those I follow make the cut. Don't worry, if you've read this blog more than twice, chances are you're on my BearBuds list.

I've decided to occasionally spotlight members of my exclusive list here, starting this week. Since it seems to be a fairly incestuous group, chances are you're already following them. But if you're not, you can rest assured their tweets meet Pac's highest standards of quality.


  1. OH Boy! Can't wait to see who is on this elusive list.

  2. I wonder what the secret handshake is?