Friday, September 27, 2013

Breakfast, Day 60

Wow, sixty days. The diet must be working because this week Mister "I can do it on my own" JB started on his own Good Measure Meals plan this week. He says I'm motivating him. Yeah, motivating him by once again trading the title of lightest person in the house. Does everything have to be a competition?

No, but what fun would that be?

I think we both have an irrational fear of being "the fat one". That's a whole other topic I might cover someday.

This was yesterday's breakfast. This morning's oatmeal was not photogenic.

After passing the symbolic 200 lb milestone more than two weeks ago, I plateaued at 199. I learned a while ago I shouldn't let plateaus frustrate me because it's often during these periods I notice progress in other aspects.

But two weeks seemed to be pushing it, and I finally snapped. After tossing and turning for a while Sunday night, I quietly got out of bed, dressed in the dark, snuck out of the house and drove through Taco Bell for one of the Cool Ranch Taco Supremes I saw advertised on television earlier that evening.

It wasn't that delicious and I immediately felt weak and ashamed. (Actually, I was feeling weak and ashamed before I got in the car.) But then – and I don't want to jump to any conclusions – the next day the scale started moving down again. The plateau was broken!

That blood pressure alone is reason enough to eat
like this every day. I can't believe my doc wanted
 to put me on blood pressure medication.

Progress since Breakfast, Day 1 (July 30): 18.1 lbs lost.


  1. Congratulations! Go and get a spray tan and have a blast at Pride this weekend! And take lots of pics to post!
    As for the diet - one you may have felt like crap because for the first time in a long time you ate crap. You body has adjusted to eating more healthy and with out extra salt, sugar, fat, oversized portions and in a good balance of carbs, proteins and fats. Most diets have a cheat day or meal for two goals - one to relieve the stress and cravings for lost and forbidden favorite foods and two that once you've kinda detoxed from the crap that when you do eat it, it makes you feel so bad that you decide not to eat it again.

    Keep up the quest for good health and remind JB that it's not about lbs but BMI.

  2. well w Taco Bell, isn't their unofficial motto: make a run for the bathroom. You could have lost the weight there! : )

    Congrats on your progress though.