Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Change Of Pace

My gym is closed this week for "renovation", so I spent my gym time last weekend scoping out other LA Fitness locations in the area. Judging by how nice some of these other facilities are, I doubt a week will be enough to make a dent in that dump.

I got on the treadmill at the Georgia Tech gym and was momentarily stymied by the instrumentation panel. Fortunately it sensed my presence, recognized my befuddlement and began offering helpful on-screen guidance. Turns out what I thought were "speed and incline" buttons were actually changing the volume and channel of the TV.

I wonder, are we getting new treadmills at my gym? The one I'm used to using there is pretty basic. No integrated television, no iPhone dock, no personal cooling system and no high-resolution touch screen display. Just an oval ring of red lights to represent my position on a virtual quarter-mile track. How am I supposed to visualize my imaginary progress using 1980's technology? I'm still sweating to Pong while people going to other gyms have A.I. trainers and a menu of the worlds most scenic running trails beaming into their Oculus Rifts.

My gym definitely needs an upgrade. As other gyms have obviously been modernizing, I think this one has been skating by simply due to the clientele. While every gym has some amount of gayness, this one is full-on gay. My buddy, Gilbert, will deny that's exactly the reason he goes there. And he'd be lying. It's a "see and be seen" kind of gym. You can go on a Saturday afternoon and be confident you'll see the same crowd later that evening in the clubs.

I miss those boys already.

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  1. I'm surprised the seen and be seen gays would go to such a decrepit gym. In DC, the gyms were so competitive that they were constantly updating and most of 'those' gays usually had 2-3 gym memberships. Much like Mouse in Tales of the City, 'these' gays would dress and choose the gym of the night depending on what they wanted that night. You get the idea.

    Other than the locker rooms, they can do a lot in a gym in a week - there's not that much to change but paint, flooring, lighting and most importantly the equipment. Have fun!