Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Modern Conveniences

This morning while packing my lunchbox, I stooped to retrieve my breakfast and lunch from the wine chiller only to find it full of wine. Of all things. I found my missing meals luxuriating inside our spacious new refrigerator. Wow, I thought, life is returning to normal.

Not quite. The new refrigerator is in the foyer next to the bathroom door. It's still wearing its appliance condom as JB refuses to let me peel the clear protective sheath off the stainless steel until the fridge is safely ensconced in its new fridge hole. We still have no idea when that will be.

The new appliances were delivered Friday. To give you some idea how poorly laid out the existing kitchen is, the delivery guys struggled quite a while to remove the old, broken down fridge. I tried my best to help a little by disconnecting the gas stove the night before, since that needed to be moved out of the way before the fridge could be slid out of it's niche. But then we discovered there was no way the fridge would fit through the entrance of the kitchen, even with the fridge doors removed.

We ended up hoisting the fridge over the counter and sliding it across into the living room. When that ugly old thing was finally out of the house, the guy asked if I wanted them to take the stove too. I hadn't considered that because a new stove was not one of the appliances we purchased. But I decided I may as well take advantage of their offer and gave them an extra $20 to haul it away.

So we now have no stove and a fridge that doesn't fit into our empty husk of a kitchen. We're seeing a few more contractors this week, but it's going to be a quite some time before normalcy returns to Casa Midtown.

In the meantime I'm attempting to embrace the process and focus on the positives. For example, a brand new kitchen will be well worth the temporary turmoil. I now have a place to keep my food and my wine. And a guy could really get used to being able to reach the refrigerator from the toilet.

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