Monday, October 14, 2013

Rocking With The Fishes

Pride weekend was a blast. The weather was perfect and it really seemed like a good time was had by all. And the Friday night kick-off party at the Georgia Aquarium is always a good time.

I wound up with a couple of extra tickets but was easily able to find some takers waiting outside to get in. The guy was so grateful to be able to join his friends inside, he wanted to pay me for the tickets. I said I was just happy they were going to get used, so he offered to buy me a drink inside. I was surprised when he followed through on his promise, not once but several times that evening.

One of my favorite moments from the party was giving my buddy Gilbert a hard time. The guy has no poker face and I can always tell the instant he sees something he likes or smells something he doesn't. At one point I noticed him squirming and asked him what his problem was. He insisted we relocate to a different section of the aquarium. Turns out he was dodging an ex.

As he attempted to keep a low profile in the crowded, festive ballroom, I noticed a slideshow being projected onto every wall in the facility. I then read a sign explaining that the photos being displayed were a live stream of random Instagram pics tagged with #AtlantaPride.

It only took another minute before Gilbert's face was on all the big screens. It took him all of ten seconds to incriminate me in the dastardly plot to out him to four thousand of Atlanta's gays, a healthy percentage of whom might be happy to throw a drink in his face.

I was guilty as hell, of course.

Love to see Coca-Cola getting in on the festivities.

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