Monday, November 4, 2013

Breakfast, Day 104

I just did the math and realized that tomorrow I will be on my diet plan for 15 weeks. I remember day one like it were yesterday.

At the beginning of October I switched from the 7-day-a-week plan to the 5-day plan. There were several reasons for this. One was that JB started Good Measure Meals with me, but he wasn't willing to commit to the 7-day plan. Being on a diet plan is very challenging for him when he usually spends three for four days a week away from home. Being on our own on the weekends gives us a buffer to catch up eating any meals he wasn't able to pack and take with him during the week.

Also, with October party weekends such as Gay Pride and Halloween coming up, I knew I was going to occasionally be straying from my diet. But the main reason was that it seemed the time was right to begin the process of weaning myself off the prepared meal plan and planning meals on my own.

The idea of course is that I'll choose healthy, balanced, well-proportioned meals similar to those I've been enjoying from Good Measures. Unfortunately it hasn't been working out that way. After being on the diet five days during the week, the weekend becomes a free-for-all. Last evening I gave into my basest of animal cravings and went to Fox Bros. BBQ. I did this after reading a review in Atlanta Magazine which declared their Frito Pie "Heaven in a bag." (It was.) I followed this up with one of my favorite desserts. (This I ate from a bowl ladylike.)

This morning I'm picking at my healthy Hummingbird Pancakes with a Frito Pie and Banana Pudding hangover. And I'm making a commitment to buckle down hard for the next few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

I've been making great progress. I'm down 7% in body fat since last Spring. The results of my recent physical were the best ever, with all my numbers are in the normal range. (With the exception of low Vitamin-D.) The doctor didn't even bother trying to talk me into actually taking the Lipitor he keeps prescribing. That in itself is a huge victory.

So I'm not getting down on myself. I know I deserved that Frito Pie and Banana Pudding. But now it's time for me to get back on track. Because my work isn't finished. 104 days down, 103 days to go...

Doctor's orders: Get more sunshine!


  1. This is great. You're doing great.

    ...and here's why I think it's important to fall from the wagon now and again - it shows where your head truly is and how strong your commitment. You need to wean off at some point, so now you have a a metric on how to do that....or better yet, how not to.

    Proud of you!