Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

My bachelor weekend wasn't nearly the action-packed "freekend" I envisioned. Despite my modest efforts, the only trouble I managed to get into was blowing my discretionary budget on underwear.

The final payment on the cruise is coming up next week and between this and the ongoing kitchen renovations, I've had to tighten my belt a bit. Figuratively and literally... I can now use the smallest notch on my belt! But I don't because that causes my now-loose jeans to cinch up around my waist which looks so Jethro. So I figure I can either spend money on new jeans, slacks and belts or just buy nicer shorts to show off when my pants fall down.

On my way to the gym Saturday I stopped at a small clothing shop called "The Boy Next Door". I've been meaning to check out their swimwear selection. I was a bit intimidated by the, uh, skimpiness of some of the swimwear to actually try anything on. I decided I'm going to wait until just before the cruise to round out my swimsuit lineup. But only after first stopping for a couple of margaritas for courage.

Instead I left the gay boutique with $70 worth of underpants.

Saturday evening I accepted an invitation to watch the Alabama/LSU game at "Woofs", a local bear/sports bar. I would spend a lot more time at Woofs if it wasn't so dang smoky. They seem to be one of the last holdouts as most of the bars and clubs have gone smoke-free. I had to immediately do laundry and take a shower when I got home that night. Even my new underpants smelled of cigarette smoke.

I figure I'd save you from having to ask for a picture.


  1. Love the new underwear. As an underwear Fetishist I thank you kindly for the picture....droooool

  2. DAMN!
    Check with the store about when their swimwear comes in for cruise season. If you time it wrong you won't have a good selection but it looks like you'll be able to wear anything and still have all the boys attention