Monday, December 9, 2013

Yule Tied

During the holiday season, JB is allowed to stray ever so slightly from his standard flight attendant uniform dress code by wearing a holiday themed necktie. Last night I was shopping for an appropriate tie for him to wear to work.

I don't usually wear ties. Usually just for job interviews, weddings and funerals. But I found a tie that made me laugh and I couldn't resist buying it for myself. Now I just need a non-funeral opportunity to wear it. I really hope I get an invitation to a Christmas party.

Knowing StevieB's fondness for Christmas Penguins, I found just the right tie for him too...


  1. Nearly shot Diet Coke out of my nose after figuring out your Santa tie.

    Penguins have nothing to do with Christmas!!!!!!!!

  2. OK.... call me weird, but I love your tie! I'd wear it!

  3. You should wear the reindeer tie anyway, party or no party.