Monday, January 6, 2014

40 Days

The first Monday of the new year. Yay. A month ago I vowed to not let the holidays sidetrack my daily routines. Things like my diet regimen, exercise routine, blogging... My resolution this year is to work on my vowing since I obviously suck at it.

After the blur of the past month, I'm looking forward to setting aside all distractions and focussing on what's important: preparing for the Big Gay Cruise.

I'm starting to get a little concerned that I may have to scale back my swimwear aspirations. I've basically leveled off at 192 where I've been since early November, leaving me 7 pounds shy of my cruise goal weight.

But we've still got 40 days. I'll pretend it's Lent and I'm a devout Catholic. Lord knows I've got the self-flagellation thing down. (Which, incidentally, is what I plan on giving up for real Lent.)

For some reason I can't fully explain, I spent an inordinate amount of time and resources working on one specific part of my cruise wardrobe... a pair of shoes.

I'll provide full details in an upcoming post. For now I'll just say this project has challenged my sewing, soldering and C++ programming skills. It also required scouring every craft, hardware and automotive supply store in the city for just the right industrial strength adhesive. Followed by a search for just the right industrial solvent to unglue a shoe from my hand.

The shoes don't even specifically match any of the announced party themes. But there's still one party whose theme is currently up for a vote. My fingers are crossed for "Glow Party". And not just because they're stuck that way.

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  1. You can't give up your "self-flagellation" thing. That's your cardio!