Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Counting Down

I can't believe there are only seventeen days until the Big Gay Cruise! Fifteen until my vacation starts. That's only eleven actual working days. Not that I'm keeping track on a calendar pinned to my bulletin board with each passing day crossed out with a thick, black Sharpie.

I'm so excited, my head is spinning! Although that could be the Sharpie fumes. Or malnutrition coupled with my 5:30am treadmill run. Or the Chinese herbs I was guaranteed would make my fat "melt". An oddly-worded promise that only triggers cravings for the amazing smoked pork belly I enjoyed at South City Kitchen a hundred years ago last May.

I got on the scale last weekend and realized there's actually a chance I could make my goal of 185 by the time we set sail. Only four more pounds, that's possible, right?


  1. It is possible! Great job!
    Now I want pics of you in all the speedo, um... swim-attire!

  2. "You're just a stomach flu away from your goal weight."