Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Knew Everything Would Go Wrong

Look how happy I am, and we hadn't
even left port yet.
I still love traveling with my ex, Joe. He has a saying which he uses whenever we reach the apex of vacation satisfaction. Whether it's sitting at the top of an alpine mountain with a glass of champagne, or scoring a coveted table in a crowded Oktoberfest tent. Joe will say, "I just knew everything would go wrong."

I love this concise recognition of how, despite all the preparation and every hassle along the way, we've achieved a moment that epitomizes the reason why we travel.

While Joe wasn't with us on this trip (non-all-inclusive cruises aren't his style) he was there in spirit as I was able to channel his catchphrase on more than one occasion.

JB asking, "Does this rainbow make me look gay?"

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  1. Welcome back - hope you had a great trip. ....and at least it's a light beer!