Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I May Need A New Coping Mechanism

I want to thank everyone for their kind and thoughtful words of support and sympathy over these past few days. But really, it's just a cat. It's not like that talking dog from Family Guy died.

If you haven't guessed already, I often turn to iffy humor as a coping mechanism. That's something about me which my closest friends are painfully aware.

Whenever a situation gets awkward, uncomfortable or calls for a modicum of respect and decorum, you can count on me to say something inappropriate. That's why, when my sister put the entire mortuary in tears with her heartfelt eulogy of my father, I felt it my duty to lighten the mood with a ten minute stand-up routine. I pretty sure it's what Dad would have wanted.

You're the sweetest, kindest, coolest
pussy I could ever want to know!
As funny as I am in my own mind, I don't always know when I'm stepping over the line. It's never my intention to hurt or offend anyone. Especially when all they're doing is trying to help.

With that in mind, I might owe Stevie an apology for calling him a "pussy". And to Julie for that crack about Aggie and Phillip Seymour Hoffman eating all the guac at John Madden's Superbowl party. Not because it's too soon, but because I didn't realize John Madden is still alive, which substantially undermined the joke's intended comedic impact.

And to JB's Chinese friend who thoughtfully made us dinner last night when I stopped before my first bite and said, "Wait... this is duck, right?"

So Stevie, Julie, Rose and John Madden... I'm sorry. And thank you so much.


  1. Apology accepted-:) Luckily, I know you so well that when you said you were putting JB to sleep and then texted (to bed! to bed!) I know that MY appropriate response of laughing is ok.

  2. If only you'd said "Junior Seau's Super Bowl Party" instead.

    Then three tragic deaths could have been tied together. ;-)