Monday, March 10, 2014


Great. Carpal tunnel
and mercury poisoning.
Man, I've sucked at blogging lately. Life has been a blur since returning from the big gay cruise. It started with my first day back at work to find, with the exception of my cube, the entire floor of the office had been cleared out. Welcome back, right?

I finally tracked down my team in another building. It seems that while I was gone we'd been re-org'd into a different department. I moved my belongings into what I assumed was my new cubicle. I made this assumption based on the fact it was the only only vacant cube near my team, occupied by only a large building support column and a stash of florescent tubes.

Saturday JB uploaded a bunch of vacation pictures to Facebook. It was fun to relive all the good times and to know it all really happened, and that it wasn't just a dream. Then I made him take them off. Unfortunately not before my sister saw a photo of me in my underwear.

I've used my $2000 gym bag only once
so far. To move a Dell workstation.
I'd managed to successfully steer clear of Facebook for the better part of two years. I have a much easier time relating separately to my various groups of friends, family and acquaintances on more targeted social media outlets. Twitter is for my blog friends. LinkedIn is for my college friends, previous co-workers and business contacts. Yammer is for my work colleagues. Instagram is mostly family and my in-real-life friends. I even dabbled in Google Plus but haven't fully committed yet.

But since meeting so many great new friends on the cruise, I've been getting a lot of friend requests which has compelled me to reengage with Facebook and my tangled ball of "Facebook Friends". This mass includes all the above groups all mixed together with absolutely no context whatsoever.

And that's my problem with Facebook.

You can fill-flash my ass, Al.
As our big gay ship was docking in Saint Maarten, JB and I looked over our balcony and saw a beautiful, super-gay rainbow. I snapped a quick photo with my iPhone just before it vanished. I ran it though my Dynamic Light app to draw out the colors and brighten JB's face. After buying some internet time ashore, I thought my photo worthy of sharing on Facebook. My first post in over two years and the first comment was from a college roommate I haven't seen in twenty years.

"Pat, turn on the fill-flash next time. It'll help with the shadows."


I need to start a book club
for the humor challenged.
Later I made a post asking why, under Facebook's "book suggestions" for me, the first two recommendations were "The Bible". I mean, just because Facebook thinks it knows more about me than anybody else does, now I'm a heathen?

Again, another college acquaintance felt the need to chime in. "I recommend Plato's Republic, or Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky."

God, I hate Facebook.


  1. "I even dabbled in Google Plus but haven't fully committed yet." Isn't that even Google's tag-line for Google Plus?

    Maybe your work dept is trying to tell you something. : )

  2. I use FB solely for my blog to publish posts and as a result have everyone - even those I don't know listed as "friends" although my real friends know that I basically use the tool to RSVP to party invites, get reminders about birthdays and glimpse into who ever happens to be in my feed at the moment that I'm pasting a post into it. I tag everyone but my family as "gay" and only post to that group providing some degree of separation and privacy.

    I've started using Google+ and like it if only because I feel like it is a totally different group of people who are on it.