Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Snap Out Of It

The closest my partner and I ever got to anything that could be considered "domestic violence" was about seven years ago. In a fit of anger he belly-bumped me. Immediately struck by the juxtaposition of pissed-off rage the and gentle sploshing of our subcutaneous abdominal fat, all I could do was laugh. We both laughed until we cried. I love that even if it crossed his mind for a second, he could never bring himself to hurt me. That's the kind of person I hope I can be too.

Yesterday I came quite close to slapping JB across the face. Not Joan and Christina style. More like Cher and Nicholas Cage. I just wanted to snap him out of his panic attack and focus on the fact that the situation we currently find ourselves in is temporary.

It's just some light remodeling.

Like the first sneeze of cold & flu season or the first Dove bar of PMS, I've learned to recognize the initial warning symptoms of JB's anxiety arcs. And I fear we're in for a heavy-flow cycle. I may need to pay the contractor a bonus. Why on earth didn't I budget for that?

This morning JB woke me up to inform me he had a nightmare. "Did I survive?" I asked.

"I don't think you were in it."

"Then why are you waking me up?" I know, but sympathy is hard to muster when it's 4am and I'm sleeping in the kitchen.


  1. Remodeling can be a bitch. I feel for you. Hug!

  2. When it's a dream, my first question is: "how did I look?" and do you mean Joan Collins and Christina Applegate? :-)