Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pac's Next Vacation?

Hard to believe it's almost June. It was around this time last year that I committed to getting in shape for my first big gay cruise that was still nine months out. I was pleased with what I accomplished, but disappointed in myself for not keeping up the intensity these three months since.

Have I gained weight? I'm guessing about five pounds, I haven't really stepped on the scale since then. But if I know anything about myself, it's that unmeasured numbers tend to drift. And usually not in a good way.

A month ago I got an e-mail from RSVP offering advanced booking for the next big gay cruise in February 2015. I seriously considered it, if only because it seems to be an excellent motivator for me. But there are other reasons beside that. It was one of the best vacations I ever had. So good in fact, that I'm afraid the quality of the experience would be hard to repeat.

A big part of what made the cruise so fun was the people we traveled with. Will I have as good of a time with a different mix? I know it wouldn't be the same without StevieB. But looking at it realistically, I considered myself lucky if I got to spend an average of 20 minutes a day with him between breakfast and that evening's festivities. Fortunately, every minute with Stevie is quality time.

It was almost like we were on different cruises. While I was at the aft pool, Stevie was wrapped in seaweed. While I was tea dancing, Stevie was taking in a drag show. While I was at the wine bar, Stevie was in the cigar bar. While I was at bingo, I have no idea what Stevie was doing but I saw the steward outside his cabin futilely febreezing bear musk.

Would I still enjoy going on a cruise without my best friend? Maybe, but why on earth would I want to? Plus I don't think I can swing a cruise in February and still hit Oktoberfest in Munich this year. Not with the kitchen remodel, career uncertainty and a whole other family wildcard I can't get into right now.

It would pretty much have to be one or the other. Cruise or Oktoberfest? They're both so fun. And so very, very gay.

Hmm... Hey Stevie, möchten Sie Bär Moschus in München sprühen?


  1. "Baxter! You know I don't speak Spanish!"

  2. Munich sounds like a blast. You should share a few more photos of you in your lederhosen. :-)