Sunday, May 11, 2014

Squatch Free

I was going to do that pic-a-day in May thing, but I may have to postpone that until June. Between work and home renovation projects, I've had time for little else.

A few weeks ago the publicly traded company I work for was acquired by a mysterious private concern with deep pockets. Since the announcement I've been shoring up my indispensability whilst secretly updating my resume. And secretly updating one's resume is easier said than done after your boss befriends you on LinkedIn.

Meanwhile the bear we hired to scrape the nasty 1980’s texture off our ceilings has finally finished and moved on to greener pastures. Of all the contractors we met with, Jimmie seemed the most qualified at 6'6". (Please don't get me wrong. Anyone who's met my partner knows that I obviously don't discriminate based on height. And when it comes time to bid the flooring, the nuggets are going to the front of the line.) Although hairiness wasn't a factor, that would have won Jimmie the contract as well.

Efficient and conscientious, Jimmie used acres of plastic sheeting to seal off room sections as he destroyed them. It was like living in a maze that changed daily. This provided me several opportunities to make E.T. jokes that no one got. ("What's wrong with your voice? And who's Elliot?")

Over two tumultuous weeks, Jimmie's presence was absorbed into the fabric of our daily family life. (Along with 50 pounds of dust.) It was like adopting a stray sasquatch which, while turning your house upside down, endears himself nonetheless. Hey, that might make a good movie premise.

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