Monday, July 7, 2014

The Happy Birthday

I apologize for the radio silence, it's been a crazy few weeks. For me gay pride month didn't exist. The summer solstice blew right by without notice. I couldn't have cared less about the three-day Independence Day holiday. For the past few months my focus has been on July 3rd. My partner's birthday. And this year JB turned fifty.

I easily forget that JB is two years older than me. I always think of him as the younger of us. I think that's because he doesn't have cynical or sarcastic bone in his body. He wears his heart on his sleeve with no guile or duplicity. Even when he tries to hide his feelings, I can instantly tell with something is bothering him. His genuine and caring nature imbues his personality with a childlike innocence.

No, JB's not like me at all. He's better.

That's why I had to make sure this special birthday was properly observed. My greatest fear was somehow disappointing JB. That this milestone in his life would come and go and he'd be left asking himself, "Is this it?"

This was also my greatest motivator.

Thursday evening when we walked into the venue I'd reserved and he saw a room full of friends waiting for him, the tears in his eyes told me I could relax. JB was happy.


  1. good job. that was very kind of you. Me - of having many sarcastic and cynical bones in my body - might have lashed out at having a room full of people. Your absence is forgiven.

  2. How sweet! And how lucky is JB?