Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Standing By

One of the perks of being married to a fight attendant is the flight pass. One of the drawbacks to working all the time is that I don't often get to take maximum advantage of this perk.

So I guess one of the advantages of being between jobs is being able to travel on a whim.

For better or worse, when it comes to using my pass, my whims are subject to JB's approval.

For example, fly to Green Bay to spend quality time with my nephew? Approved! Fly to Boston to go bar hopping with a disconcertingly handsome blog buddy? Denied! Fly to Dallas to attend my brother's intervention? Approved! Fly to Denver to hang out with StevieB and the rest of the Denver Bear bunch? Denied!

Sheesh. I's not like there isn't plenty of mischief to be made at home. But I understand. Flight passes are a perk best enjoyed together. That's why I'm waiting for a precious seat on the flight JB is working today to Juneau, Alaska.

It may not be Denver, but there are bound to be bears.


  1. Excellent. Stay away from Wasilla.

  2. Call me when you're in Dallas.... but don't tell JB, he won't know that we'll go out to find trouble!

  3. Hope you get the flight with the BF to Alaska! Sounds like fun!

  4. Aw c'mon JB! I promise to make sure Patrick won't get into too much trouble. What could possibly go wrong w 250,000+ college students soon to return to Boston or Ptown just a 90 minute high speed ferry ride away? Jeesh.