Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What Would You Do?

Here's a hypothetical scenario:

You and your partner are getting a new stove delivered. You already know your partner isn't the best tipper. Not only that, he gets angry at me when he thinks I over-tip. The last time we got an appliance delivered, I had to quietly slip the guy a twenty to round up the five JB gave him. For crying out loud, it's a refrigerator, not a pizza!

But I digress from my hypothetical scenario. So let's say that after the guy hauls in your new stove and connects the gas line, you prepare yourself with a $20 bill surreptitiously folded in your right hand.

Then, hypothetically, your usually thrifty partner surprises you by handing the guy $30. And the happy Home Depot delivery man shakes his hand. Then reaches out to shake yours.

Do you:

A: Top off his $30 tip with the $20 bill in your hand?

B: Slip the money in your pocket, hoping nobody notices but knowing everyone will?

C: Offer a hearty fist bump instead?

D: Refuse to shake the poor guy's hand, possibly making yourself appear crazy and/or racist?

Just curious.


  1. well, you didn't mention how hot he was. one MUST factor in the hotness quotient. It's science!

    It hot - slip him the other $20, of course.

    But seriously, you can always so, "oh, I see he already caught you, thanks so much for your hard word today". But if he's hot, give him the extra $20

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  3. You'd already planned the $20. You might as well make the guys day. Who knows when you'll get good tipping Karma come back to you.

  4. We had appliances delivered last week but we didn't tip the guys since they damaged our floors, scraping the refrigerator along our hardwood.

  5. I could not imagine what Luis would do if a delivery guy scraped something in their house.