Tuesday, September 15, 2015

All The Help I Can Get

Entering week three of our kitchen remodel and progress seems to have slowed to a crawl. This morning we had an appointment with the general contractor to discuss the ramifications to our previously agreed-upon timeline. Being the natural "good cop" to my husband's bad cop, I picked up coffee and a dozen "Hot Now" Krispy Kremes to make our meeting more pleasant. By the time he showed up at 1pm, poor Jimmy found three cold donuts and two bad cops.

I know we're not his only client, and I know contractors tend to spread themselves thin. And I'd already warned JB a one-month estimate is contractor-speak for two and a half months. So I listened to the usual litany of excuses. But then Jimmy said something I found odd. "After a lot of prayer this weekend, it's all starting to work out."

I'm not sure, but I think he's praying for our kitchen. That's nice.

Then I mentioned I might be gone for a few days as I'm hoping I can get out of town this weekend for our annual pilgrimage to Munich for opening day of Oktoberfest. Jimmy said, "I don't know if you're a man of faith, but I'm sure if you ask for it, you'll be able to go."

To which I said, "I'm not about to waste the Good Lord's precious time asking for help getting to a beer festival."

But give me His number. I have a feeling I may need His help finding the right granite.

Stevie's room is coming along nice, don't you think?


  1. I'll sleep on the couch. You have a couch, don't you?

    1. Of course I have a couch. It's covered with a plastic sheet, but I can poke a few holes in it.

  2. If only you had told him that you were a "Man in Motion" and then busted out your best John Parr rendition of "St. Elmo's Fire." Ah, the 80's. Pardon me while I go watch Sixteen Candles so I can drool over Jake. ~~~ NB