Thursday, December 31, 2015


As you may recall from my last post, Rusty the Cat's bilateral FHO surgery was scheduled for this past Monday. This was to fix his two fractured femoral necks to hopefully relieve the constant hip pain he surely must be suffering.

We dropped our little trooper off bright and early Monday morning with instructions to return Tuesday to pick him up. On the way out of the office I stopped at the desk to pay a sum I'm too embarrassed to share. Suffice it to say I won't be going on vacation anytime soon.

At 10am I received a call from the doctor; there had been a complication. My heart sank into my stomach. While putting Rusty under, he had a reaction to the anesthesia. Rusty was going to be okay but the doctor decided to postpone the procedure a week.

So after all that trauma, Rusty's still no closer to getting better. And he now has two shaved bands where they had his IVs hooked up. Now that I know how white he is under his black fur, I'm kind of afraid what he's gonna look like with his ass shaved. :^)

It's bad enough his back legs don't work, but now
his front legs just look ridiculous.


  1. Poor little guy. Both him and you.

  2. Cat skin is a very interesting thing. I had to have dental surgery on my dearly departed little guy once, and the shaved spots where his IV and pain patch went were deep chocolate, despite him having light brown fur. My other dearly departed furry child's skin was almost a blue (she had grey fur).

    Best of luck with the surgery and Happy New Year to you and yours. ~~~ NB