Thursday, December 10, 2015

Metaphoric Christmas

I read with great enjoyment Stevie B's blog post about picking out a Christmas tree. (Go read "Christmas Tree".) One of the things I love about Stevie's writing is the layers of symbolism he weaves throughout anecdotal tales of his day-to-day life. In this case it isn't hard to see the plastic tree that never changes from one year to the next, eventually becoming a begrudged chore to deal with, as representing his life in his previous relationship.

By way of contrast, Stevie's new life is represented by a genuine, living evergreen. This experience is shared with Stevie's roommate, who is also out of a long-term relationship and who is also hot (and available), and Stevie's new romantic partner who (by cultural happenstance and not extreme youth) is experiencing this holiday ritual for the very first time. Through his boyfriend's eyes, Stevie gets to relive happy memories while viewing his current reality with a fresh, child-like perspective.

Trekking up a mounting to stand in the cold and mud is Stevie's acknowledgement that the process of ending a long-term relationship and building a new life can't be undertaken without some amount of pain and messiness. Sometimes our fear of this discomfort can keep us fluffing the same plastic tree a year or two longer than we should.

Another brilliantly crafted post, Stevie B. Bravo!

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  1. Thanks ..... Had to give it a second read. Still waiting for a Tree in your window as a beacon to the holidays.