Friday, January 22, 2016

Rusty Report

At the risk of becoming the new Cat Fancy blog, I'm doing another kitty post.

Rusty is recuperating nicely from his double hip surgery. It's going to take a while for the femurs at the site of the osteotomy to develop the fibrous scar tissue required to form a "pseudojoint". I was told it can take three months or more for this process to occur.

But the stitches have been removed and the cone is no longer required to keep Rusty from licking his incisions. We were so worried about Cosmo wanting to play with Rusty during this time that we kept the poor kitty isolated in the guest room. It turns out that Cosmo was so freaked out by Rusty's blue cone that he kept his distance on his own accord.

Now that the cone is off, Cosmo's attention is providing Rusty with the physical therapy he needs. And for the first time in months, Rusty is actually instigating play time with his brother. Rusty is able to climb up onto the furniture and to the first level of the cat tree. I guess the next milestone will be when he makes his way to the higher levels.

Rusty's also making a sound I hadn't heard in months... he's purring again.

What we saw...

What Cosmo saw.

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  1. As a retired veterinary technician, I've been eager to hear news of Rusty's FHO surgery. My heart melted when you said he's purring again. A great big "Awww."