Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Entropy Of Existence

Two weeks ago, JB and I had a dinner party to celebrate the official completion of our condo renovation. We would have been finished in early December had our air conditioner not sprung a leak and soaked a hundred square feet of our new hardwood flooring. We just now finally got the last of the baseboards reinstalled and painted. While most of our friends have been able to observe the construction progress over the past five months, I was excited to show Julie since she hadn't seen our place since before the project started.

Between dinner and dessert, Gilbert found me and presented me with something that looked like chrome but felt like plastic. Studying the broken object in my hand, I recognized it as the toilet flush handle. I sighed and retrieved my toolbox from the front closet. I can't have a houseful of guests with a nonfunctional toilet. Especially since it broke off in Gilbert's hand before fulfilling it's mission.

Unable to repair the original flush handle, I clamped a pair of vise grips in its place and flushed a couple times to test my ersatz fix. Satisfied this would work for the meantime, I dimmed the bathroom lights from full brightness and noticed one of the halogen bulbs was out. Damn. It's always something.

A few days later, JB complained that his iPad wasn't working. Usually that means his storage is full and deleting a few photos would get him back in business. But this time his iPad wasn't the issue. Tracing the problem back to our wi-fi router, it became clear our old DSL modem was dead as a door nail.

On top of all this I've been dealing with my frozen shoulder. I can't help but make a comparison between my house and my body as I approach the end of my forties. Daily wear and tear and even the occasional mishap is to be expected, but each problem must be dealt with head-on. The worst thing I can do is give up and just let everything fall apart.

I fixed the toilet good as new and our upgraded internet service is
an order of magnitude faster than our old DSL. Now I just need to
change that light bulb. And lose ten or so pounds.


  1. The "dad" body looks good ...... Ten pounds not needed.

  2. You look good. Also, I went straight home after the party and put a wrench on my toilet and took out one of my own lights in my constant effort to be more like you.